Know the Basics

Know the Basics2018-12-31T12:05:22-06:00

Know the Basics. Having a place to begin that makes sense is important. Having an idea is essential, but having a check list to keep you on track is an absolute necessity! The items on this check list may be subjective to your particular business, however, #1 and #2 are essential to give you a better chance for success. If writing a Business Plan scares you or just gives you a rash, then Sandy @ Zia Coaching will be happy to write your Business Plan for you. Be sure to take advantage of your 30 minute FREE Consultation to kick-start your business.

Business Start-up Check List

_____ 1. Write a Business Plan

_____ 2. Business Consultation & Training. Get your free 30 min session with Zia Coaching

_____ 3. Select a location for your business

_____ 4. Financing

_____ 5. Structure

_____ 6. Register your Business

_____ 7. Register with State & County, if necessary

_____ 8. Business License: only if required!

_____ 9. Employees